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A Theory Comes of Age- an introduction for educators to Powers' newest book, Living Control Systems III : the fact of control, Benchmark Publications Inc. 2008-2009. The book (CD included) is available at and Barnes & Noble on line. Retailers and libraries may order from Benchmark's distributor, Baker & Taylor.

LCS III models and simulations - for those who "never read the book," you can download the 13 free programs from a special download site set up by the author. Experience perceptual control for yourself!

Living Control Systems III : the fact of control - the prepress review in Nature (UK), November 2008.

Methods of Levels - “The method of levels is an experimental approach to counseling or psychotherapy. Its bases are Hierarchical Perceptual Control Theory and the naturalistic observation that a person's consciousness can apparently operate from different viewpoints within the brain's organization.”

Editor's Note: Since the publication of this early overview of MOL, much work has been done using this HPCT methodology. A very successful workshop in the technique was given at the recent Control Systems Group annual International Meeting in Guelph, Ontario, July, 2005.

About PCT - “Other theories about behavior have been based primarily on two concepts: reaction to external events and circumstances such as stimuli and reinforcements, and generation of actions by cognitive plans or computations. PCT fits into the space between these approaches, because it is about a kind of behavior that has features of both of them. This kind of behavior is called controlling.

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