LCS III back cover copy
(excerpt from a long review in Nature, UK)

"The field of behavioural science, combining psychology, sociology and neuroscience, has diversified over the last century such that there is a desperate need for an integrative theory.

William T. Powers, medical physicist and engineer, proposes that 'control' is the unifying process. Living Control Systems III is the latest in an influential but contentious series of works in which Powers presents his theory of perceptual control and illustrates its explanatory power....

The book is organized around an accompanying compact disc containing 13 computer simulations of perceptual control...from the tracking of moving targets and the simulation of balance, to three-dimensional models of arm coordination and the emergence of crowd behaviour.

Powers uses a combination of common sense reasoning, philosophical argument and mathematical models to make his case. Throughout, the style is engaging yet authoritative."

—Warren Mansell, Senior Lecturer
School of Psychological Sciences
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
NATURE | 13 November 2008
Reprinted with permission.