Computer-generated business mail


Mail It! High-Impact Business Mail is a guide for individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations and corporate departments that describes in easy-to-understand language how to use a desktop computer to generate technically correct business mail with a professional look. The book encompasses most forms of business correspondence from the formal letter to a beginner's desktop marketing kit. Winner of an STC award for Excellence. Contents:


simple guidelines for designing more effective business communications, with examples from major corporations and generic steps for designing and writing business correspondence. These easy tips will point you in the right direction for improving your organization's professional image.


tips for developing a beginner's marketing kit; more "Mail It! Experts" advice and examples of their marketing communications.


concepts about the PC as a business mail production machine and producing P.C. (Postally Correct) business mail.


accurate information on how you can meet the U.S. Postal Service halfway to give your mail the swiftest, surest route through the system.


a brief refresher course on personal computing basics; step-by-step examples of a personal mailing list manager in action, and useful facts related to each of the four major topics.

This book was commissioned by Pitney Bowes, the recognized leader in the business mail field.

250 pages, quality paperback - $29.95 + s/h
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