Leakage: The Bleeding of the American Economy

Leakage: The Bleeding of the American Economy is a long-overdue unbiased look at how the economy really works, what causes its fluctuations, and how it can be repaired.

George P. Brockway, author of The End of Economic Man and former CEO of W.W. Norton Publishing Company, states:

"Leakage: the Bleeding of the American Economy is a work of the utmost importance. It is a remarkably rigorous empirical study of how the economy works and how it can both control inflation and provide full employment. [It is] truly a ground-breaking book."

Leakage brings macroeconomics to life, putting into context the actual properties and behavior of the U.S. economy. Dr. Powers measures the actual growth of the economy against its potential over a period of more than 90 years. He makes the link between certain Administrations and their Federal Reserve chiefs' monetary policies, showing the effects of their actions on inflation and unemployment.

Professor Wallace Peterson, Emeritus Head of the Economics Department at the University of Nebraska, writes: "[TC Powers is ] an `outsider economist' who knows more than most `insider economists' about real-world economics."

The author took up the study of economics after his retirement from a distinguished career as an internationally recognized research scientist in the field of chemistry.

Leakage: The Bleeding of the American Economy is amply illustrated with "48 useful tables and 32 clear, elegant graphs available nowhere else and alone worth more than the cost of the book." [Brockway in The New Leader]

364 pages, illustrated quality paperback: $39.95 + s/h
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