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WHAT'S THE BUZZ ABOUT BILL POWERS' NEW BOOK? See for yourself. Follow the LCS III tutorials using the free CD of 13 Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) models and simulations packaged inside the book. Just curious? Try the models and simulations in stand-alone mode: CLICK THE DISC to go to the author's site to download the thirteen elegant, hands-on PCT demos to see experience perceptual control theory right at your own computer.

NOTE: PCT programs run in Windows, Native or Emulated.

Announcement: The annual Control Systems Group (CSG) International Conference, co-sponsored by CSGI and the University of Colorado, convenes in Boulder, Colorado July 17-21, 2012. Click here for Registration, Reservations and Call for Papers and Presentations information.

1987 :Benchmark Publications Inc was incorporated in Connecticut as a business communications company serving Fortune 500 corporations.

1996:BPI launched its Small Press imprint dedicated to the publications of academic books, leading with the first paperback edition of William T. Powers seminal work, Behavior: the Control of Perception (1972 Aldine-deGruyter), 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded (Benchmar Publications, 2005). this and other PCT titles are.available on line at, Barnes &, DAWSON BOOKS (UK) and other select retail and college bookstores.
2006: As the Captain has been heard to say, If we could put all this to music, life would be good. And so Benchmark Standards, an ASCAP music publishing company, made its on-line debut. Established initially to safeguard the copyrights of its founder, Standards is developing into a songwriters'/performers' advocacy and music news resource. Still in its infancy, you can preview the kernel of the idea now in the Benchmark Standards space..

2009-12:Progress report from the Music Department: Wicked Moon, a new romantic musical comedy made its highly successful three-night debut in October, 2011 at the 4th Wall Theatre in Bloomfield, NJ, .as the 2011 selected work for their fully staged, fully memorized M.I.D. Stage Series. In June, WM traveled to Virginia for a "barebones" reading by the Virginia Reston Players. A Developmental Reading was performed on December 1st, 2011 at the York Theatre in Manhattan. This work-in-progress is an original work by the new creative team of Composer Varick Bacon, Lyricist Powers McElhone, and Librettist Richard Aellen. Stay tuned!
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